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Thriller Short film “The Faucet”

Short film  HD, Color, 15 min.
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Spain, 2010
Distribution by Freak Agency
Aired on Canal Extremadura Televisión, Chello Multicanal (Cinematk) y TVE (Versión Española)
Web: el grifo


A family prepares to leave on holiday and the grandfather is left behind to watch over the family home creates a situation about to plunge into the unspeakable. The Faucet brings a resurgence of true-school, old fashioned horror films … when horror wasn’t always synonymous with monsters and blood.


  • Celso Bugallo: old man
  • Ana Fernández: daughter
  • Daniel Freire: son-in-law
  • Carlos Sampedro: grandson
  • Carmen Sánchez: granddaughter
  • Enrique Asenjo: gardener



  • Production company: Continental Producciones
  • Producers: Pancho Casal y Beatriz Acinas
  • Executive Producer: Beatriz Acinas
  • Associate Producer: Denis Rovira
  • Director: Denis Rovira
  • Writer: Diego Soto (in collaboration with Denis Rovira)
  • 1st AD: Quique Andrés
  • Cinematographer: Juan Carlos Gómez
  • Music: Xavier Capellas
  • Production Manager: Néstor Hugo Caño
  • Production Manager Continental: Carlos Amoedo
  • Casting Director: Marian Grande
  • Art Director: Susana Gómez
  • Stylism: Memé Famós
  • Make-up and FX: Chicha Blanco
  • Direct Sound: Eduardo Esquide
  • Editor: Guillermo Represa
  • Postproduction: Telson
  • Sound Dessign: Juan Ferro
  • Sound Studio: Estudio Milciclos
  • RRPP and press: Olaizola Comunica


Islantilla Cineforum : Best Actor Maestre Mateo Awards : Best fiction shortfilm nomination Andoendrenando Film Festival ( spain) Best Actor Young Values Film Festival ( Barcelona) Best Photography Cans Film Festival ( galicia) Best Fiction Shortfilm C-Fem European Fantastic Fim Festival ( Murcia)  Special Jury Award Cans Film Festival ( Galicia) Best Actor Curtocircuito International Film Festival ( Santiago de Compostela) Nomination for Best National Short Elche International Film Festival Award to the best Shortfilm National Shortfilm Festival Festival Européen du Film Fantastique de Strasbourg Meliès d'argent nomination curtocircuito international film fest ( Santiago de Compostela) Best National Short Islantilla Cineforum: Best Photography Castilla-Leon Castilla-Leon TAC AWARDS - BEST TERROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR CINEMALAGA - BEST DIRECTING CINEMALAGA - SECOND PRIZE