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Feature Film HD, Color, 100 min.
Genre: Horror/ Thriller
Spain, 2019
Distribution by SONY Pictures Spain (Release Date 21 June)
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Alicia returns to the home she fled from as a child, now turned into a young family mother. Along with her husband and her nine-year-old daughter, Nora, Alicia seeks to rebuild her life while being forced to confront a past that she believed it was forgotten and a body that refuses to die: Victoria’s, the possessive matriarch of the family, who has fallen into a deep coma and barely survives connected to a machine.  


  • Manuela Vellés: Alicia
  • Maggie Civantos: Sara
  • Emma Suárez: Victoria
  • Alain Hernández: Mikel
  • Claudia Placer: Nora
  • Ramón Esquinas: Man
  • Daniela Rubio: Luna



  • Production company: Nadie es Perfecto
  • Producers: Kiko Martínez
  • Executive Producer: Kiko Martínez, David Ciurana
  • Director: Denis Rovira
  • Writer: Ramsey Campbell (book)
  • Script: Michel Gaztambide, Denis Rovira, Daniel Rissech
  • 1st AD: Manel Martínez
  • Cinematographer: Isaac Vila
  • Music: Arnau Bataller (soundbite of the soundtrack)
  • Production Manager: José Luís Jiménez
  • Casting Director: Carmen Utrilla
  • Art Director: Óscar Sempere
  • Stylism: Clara Bilbao
  • Make-up and FX: Lola Gómez, Pedro Rodríguez
  • Stunts: Federico Cueva
  • Direct Sound: Alberto García Altez
  • Editor: Martí Roca
  • Postproduction: Deluxe Spain
  • Sound Studio: David Rodríguez (Pecera Estudio)







A few short sneak-preview clips for you to watch
CLIP 1: Closed Door      CLIP2: The Witch



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